Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking Applied to Life


For reference the top section is my five year plan for my current life and then the bottom section is the five year plan if the P.T. job became unavailable tomorrow.  The second picture is my five year plan if I did not have to worry about money and I wouldn’t be laughed at.

The first plan that I made is the actual five year plan for what I am trying to do right now with my life. It currently consists of continuing my two years here at CSULB while interning at various P.T. internships. Then graduating with my bachelor’s degree and then applying and going to P.T. graduate school and then graduating in three years and being able to get a job right away. This may not come through but this is my five year plan to become a P.T. This plan is the most realistic for me right now and I hope I can make it. Realistically thinking I might no even be able to complete this route but I am gonna hope for the best.

Confidence: 5/10

Resources: 4/10

Impact: 9/10

Satisfaction: 9/10

The second plan that I made was the 5-year route for if the occupation of P.T. would disappear tomorrow. The plan consists of me going to West Coast University for two years for the accelerated Nursing Program. Graduating as a nurse and then working at the local hospital in my areas while moving out and living on my own. I think this plan is very realistic and it is honestly my back up plan if I don’t make it into P.T. school. I know that the program is actually really hard but I think it is still worth it and pretty doable if I really want to.

Confidence: 7/10

Resources: 2/10

Impact: 9/10

Satisfaction: 8/10

The third plan that I made was if I didn’t have to worry about any financial problems and I didn’t have to worry about people laughing at me. I think that I would really happy if I could breakdance as a profession. I really enjoy it as a hobby and I always feel mesmerized when watching it or any other type of dancing. My five year plan consisted of learning how to dance even better then joining a collegic dance team. I would then continue to learn and join a super competitive team. The next year I would want to learn more about the culture of breakdancing and travel the world. I would then want to come back and start my own dance team. Finally, I would want to spread the knowledge and culture of breaking by becoming a teacher.

Confidence: 3/10

Resources: 1/10

Impact: 5/10

Satisfaction: 10/10

I think that this assignment was really satisfying because it really made me think about the the future. It also made me think about the choices I made of being a P.T. instead of a nurse and a break-dancer. To me, becoming a P.T. was the best choice because it was a profession that I would be glad to do while also making a lot of money and having the ability to do so. Becoming a nurse would be #2 because it also practical to become while still being something I would enjoy to do but P.T. is still more preferred. Becoming a break-dancer is super impractical but I would still really enjoy becoming one. This week’s art experience really made me think about what I should do with my life and what I want to do with my life. My strive to become a P.T. has become somewhat revived.



Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Renette Tabadero


This week I got to meet Renette Tabadero! She is currently a Pre-Nursing major and a second year here at CSULB. She isn’t the first in her family to attend college but she is the first person to college here in CSULB. She’s from around the area so her commute is only 30 min. which is pretty funny because my commute is about the same length too. When she isn’t busy dying trying to become a nurse she likes to bake in her spare time. It’s ironic because she also works at a bakery but it’s fine because she still loves to do it. In the future she wants to get her own apartment and be working as a nurse. She’s lowkey really stressed out with her nursing classes right now and I totally understand her stress right now because as a kinesiology major, I had to also take anatomy and that class was so hard. There was so much work to do every week and I only needed to pass the class but she needs to get an A! Renette is super serious about getting into the nursing program so she has no time for a boyfriend. I think she totally has what it takes to make it into the nursing programs because she is determined and focused. If you want to know more about Renette, follow her on her blog:


Wk14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the CSULB Japanese Garden

FullSizeRender.jpgThis week’s art experience was kinda hard for me. For the first part I didn’t know we were supposed to go to the CSULB Japanese Garden and I started walking to the art galleries at first until my friends called me. It was a good thing I had my long board so I wasn’t late to class. I had never been to the Japanese Garden so I did not know what to expect. It was really nice and I thought that the landscape was very beautiful. It was kind of refreshing to be here for class. Because this was my first time here, I didn’t really want to sketch but I wanted to just absorb all of the beauty with my eyes instead. I even ended up buying the food and fed the koi fish. I found this experience a little irritating because I am the worse drawer, especially when writing under a short amount of time. I like to take take my time when it comes to doing something especially stuff that I am bad at. I feel like a lot of my sketches were really bad so sorry if you don’t see a lot of them. I also don’t like the fact that you can’t erase when sketching. I consider myself to be a perfectionist so not being able to erase my mistakes was making me go crazy. I feel like this art experience has made a little better at sketching and drawing because we had to the multiple sketches in short amounts of times. I can also say that this art experience has also taught me an important life lesson. Like the mistakes we make during the sketch, we should also just move on and keep going when making a mistake in our own lives and focus more on the important things because life is short.

Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Villena

IMG_2556.JPGThis week I had a chance to meet and talk with Bernadette Villena. I always aw her around class and I always thought she looked familiar but I could not remember where I saw her before. After talking to her, I found out that I had played tennis with her before. She was the girlfriend of a friend I met in COMM 130. It’s funny how we ended up in the same class a year later. Bernadette was born in October in 1997 so she is a Libra. She also has two pets a parakeet and shih tzu. It’s such a random combination, I love it ahaha. She told me that her favorite colors are blue and purple. I totally agree with blue because it’s also my favorite color but purple is alright I guess. As I mentioned earlier, Bernadette likes to play tennis in her free time. She played it for three years in high school. She currently hasn’t been able to play thought because she is busy with her academics like Anatomy [Gross]. Bernadette is currently trying to enroll in the nursing program here at CSULB and I give her a lot of props because that program is cut throat. I think Bernadette can do it though because she’s tough. She is actually juggling school with a job at Cafe 86. Bernadette was really cool to talk to. If you want to know more about her, check out her blog:


Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Bailey McCann


This week I met, Bailey McCann! I always thought she looked familiar but I didn’t really know who she was until today. The reason why she looked familiar was because we both have Physics together. It made sense I didn’t know who she was because I never talked to her in Physics either. It’s too bad though because our Physics lab together ended last week because Bailey is really cool! Bailey is currently a sophomore here at CSULB and is marine biology major. She commutes from her apartments usually everyday, but she’s actually from Lake Forest. Bailey loves to talk about the ocean an the animals that live in it. She spends a lot of time in her labs working with them. In her free time Bailey loves to practice embroidery. She also has a cool swordfish jacket that shows how much she loves sea life even more. If you want to learn more about Bailey che out her blog:


Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Krystal Ramirez

Exhibit Information 

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena está Servida (Dinner is Served)
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: www.kgrmetalcraft.com
Instagram: @kgrmetalcraft

About the Artist

Krystal Ramirez is currently working on attaining her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and focusing on her metal program. She is currently finishing up in her last year here at CSULB. Krystal started off as a Human Development major but decided to change change to art after. She started off her passion for by simply drawing when she was younger but it developed into much more when she took some jewelry classes in the Orange County School of arts.

Formal Analysis

Krystal’s main focus on her exhibit was the metal she used to create her art. She hand crafted various pieces of metal to create unique textures, shapes, and colors. The colors varied from black, silver, copper, and yellow. Some pieces of metal appeared to be more sharp while other pieces were shown to be more round. Some pieces of metal also appeared to be more shiny while other pieces were more dull or matte. Krystal’s art expresses how metal can be manipulated and changes and is beautiful. Everything around the pieces of metal including the the table and coasters that are made of wood went well and helped the whole exhibit flow together.

Content Analysis

Krystal uses her exhibit to remind people of the dinner table we used to always eat at with our families. She uses the wood table and her metal art work to create a nostalgic feeling of warmth, safety, and happiness we experience when eating dinner with our families. As well as invoking a feeling of nostalgia, Krystal uses her metal creations to show how each little piece or ingredient comes together to create a beautiful meal or combination. Krystal also uses her artwork to display the relationships she has created with various people and how they have influenced her life. She shows this by showing how each piece of metal can be twisted and changed.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I really liked this exhibit because I honestly felt that her exhibit did give off a feeling of nostalgia from eating dinner with the family. I can’t really say it was a feeling of nostalgia for me because I usually eat dinner with my family almost everyday or at least during most of the week. Also, it’s not only with just my direct family but it is usually with my mom’s side of the family. Our family is really close and I love eating dinner with them most if the time. I think if we stopped eating dinner like that I would feel very lonely. I always feel safe and like I can be honest with myself whenever I’m around them at the dinner table. Seeing Krystal’s exhibit has reminded me of how much I love eating family dinners and I should really enjoy and be grateful for all the time I spend when eating dinner with my family.

Wk 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography


When I heard about how we had to spend the night without electricity, I was not excited. I am very technology dependent and so I did not know how I would survive the night. I chose to stay in my room because it’s usually where I spend my time and where I feel most comfortable. I decided to light a scented candle as my source of light. I thought even with the candle light, it was really dim in my room. I would have tried to read a book but I didn’t have any new books to read. When I’m bored I like to read manga from my phone but I couldn’t do so because I had no electricity. I ended up just lying in bed for a little bit and contemplated my life because I had nothing else to do. I fell asleep really fast though because I had practice from PCN that took up the whole day. I don’t think that the way of living without electricity was the hard part. It was really hard to entertain yourself without electricity or at least in this day of age. It was hard because a lot of the entrainment we enjoy like video games, talking, videos, and pictures is very access because of technology and without life can be a little more boring. I’m curious to see if I could find something to do to entertain myself during ethnography. This experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it was but maybe that’s because I fell asleep early because I was tired.