Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

Exhibition Information

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence In The USA
Media: Glass, LED display, graphics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com
Instagram: n/a

About the Artist

Yujia Gu is currently working on her undergrad in the graphic design program at CSULB. This is going to be her final semester here before she graduates. Yujia started drawing when she was very young and she ended up deciding that art would be her life choice. Her desire to work on graphic design originated in China and then it led her to come to the United States. When Yujia first arrived in the Unite States, she lived in New York for a couple of months before moving to the west coast. From her experience of traveling, she likes the west coast better than the east coast.

Formal Analysis

The gallery portrayed many ways to deliver it’s message about the overwhelming problem of gun violence. On the walls were a body count of people who died from guns as well as a paragraph that used a lot of symbols. There wasn’t to much color in the exhibit, The main colors used that I saw were black, white, and red. This gave her exhibit a very serious and deep feeling. There was also a collage of children in a sepia color  to display young children who have died from gun violence. She also included tv’s and  a projector which showed where gun violence has occurred in China and the United States.  By using very strong and minimal colors, Yujia was able to demonstrate and convey a serious message about guns in their relation to death.

Content Analysis

With this exhibit, Yujia wanted to address a topic that is very alarming and relevant to most people here in the United Sates and China. She wanted her exhibit to portray the pressure of gun violence that has been gong around hurting and killing people. While doing her research on this topic, Yujia found a very large and significant amount of people who lost their lives because of gun violence.

Synthesis/ My Experience

Gun violence and the rights to where people should be able to own guns has always been a hot topic issue amongst the people. Some people don’t feel safe that others have a gun. I think it is true that guns have led to many deaths but I honestly feel that it is not the guns that are the main issue but the people who use them. I think it is alright for people to own and use guns for safety and entertainment but it is not okay to use in times to start a fight. I think that the solution to end gun violence wouldn’t be banning guns but just stricter regulation of the handling and selling of guns. I am an honest believer in the saying that “Guns don’t kill people, it’s people who kill people.” A lot of people would be triggered by what I have to say about this topic but a knife is just a tool as well but it can be used to cook as well as kill people if used in the right way.

Wk 11 – Classmate Conversations – Josh Ocular & Colene Encarnado

For this week’s classmate conversation I decided to converse with Josh Ocular and Colene Encarnado. As you can see in the above left pic, there are actually three people and not just two, I am right in between the both of them but Josh kind of ended up blocking me. We didn’t notice at first. I was lucky to notice before the weekend and I saw Josh in the library so I was able to ate least take another picture with him. AS you can see we suck or at least I suck at taking photos because this picture was blurry. Josh and Colene are both currently sophomores here at CSULB and are from the graduating class of 15′ for high school. Josh is apparently is from Carson and  played tennis in high school which explains why i feel like I’ve seen him around before. I also used to play tennis in high school and we each went to our rival’s school but we don’t remember seeing or playing with each other. Right now he doesn’t play tennis as much as he used to but he’s trying to get back into it. Maybe we could end up playing sometime. Colene is from the Glendale/ LA area which is pretty cool because I love going to LA for fun food adventures. Josh is currently a Sociology major. Apparently on the day of SOAR he was the same major but he decided to change that day because he didn’t like it in the end. He’s fake!… I’m just kidding. Colene is a psychology major in CSULB. At first she was trying to be a nursing major because her parents wanted her to be that but, she personally did not want to become a nurse and so after having a heated debate with her parents, she was able to change her major to psyche. Both Josh and Colene are really cool and easy going people. I’m glad that we were able to get a real conversation with one another. Hopefully we can talk to each other a lot more and become even better friends. If you want to meet them too, you could find their blogs @:



WK 10 – ART Experience – The Wedge


First of all I just wanna say please excuse my drawing because I am a really bad drawer and I am not artistic at all. To be honest I never knew that this wedge existed over her but when i saw it all I thought was WTF. Why is there only a little awkward space to go into this little secluded room. I would be very mad if I ever had to go to class in that room because it’s such specific spot to go through and there is only way which is around the handrail, tree, bush, lamp post, and wall which holds up the roof. You literally have to wedge yourself in between all these things if you really want to go into class. So since we have the chance to draw a way to redesign how to get this class, it is obvious we should get rid of the wedge. As you can see in my drawing, I got rid of the hand rail and the tree and then I expanded the pavement so that there is more room to walk. I also removed the wall in between the two doors and placed in both sides so that they aren’t separated anymore and it is easier to access both from either door.  I also ended up pushing back the lamp post and the bike racks closer towards the bushes and the wall so they aren’t in the walking path way but they’re still there to be useful. It was kind of fun thinking of ways to get rid of the wedge and make it easier to access the rooms in this area. I think that is the best way to make the area more efficient in my personal opinion. The only thing that I did not like about this project was that I had no option but to draw my redesign for getting rid of the wedge and I suck at drawing so I did not want to.


Exhibition Information

Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed
Media: Printmaking, clothes
Gallery: School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @clares_printing

Artist Information

Clare Samani is currently attending CSULB as senior who is earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After attaining a Bachelor’s in printmaking, she wants to attend Louisiana State University for graduate school. In her free time, Clare likes to watch movies and hang out with friends. Ever since Clare was a child, she has always been interested and involved with art. Clare has been drawing ever since she was a little kid. Clare is also interest in fashion thus making her collaboration of both printmaking and fashion in her exhibit dressed.

Formal Analysis

Clare’s exhibit had a very abstract color and feel to it. You could obviously see that her exhibit involved pieces of clothing placed on backgrounds of different colors and patterns. The pieces of clothing involved include a button up, a dress, t-shirts, blouses, and skirts. Some of the backgrounds were checkered, polka dot, zig zag, floral, etc. patterns. The colors she used in her exhibit give more of a darker feel than a lighter feel. For example, one of her works was yellow but it wasn’t really that bright a yellow that gives a spring feeling. Some of her work, the piece of clothing appears to be in a lighter or white shade to contrast with a dark colored background. Other pieces of work matched their background color and almost blended in with the background.

Content Analysis

In her exhibit, Clare wanted to involve American fashion piece into her art because she was interested in it. She tried to focus on identity, pattern, and designs. Each piece of art is based on people and what color they wear often and how they dress. If there wasn’t a person to be inspired from for the art piece then the color and pattern would be derived from the piece of clothing itself. Clare wanted to demonstrate in her art exhibit how fashion is a way for a person to express themselves and it shows how a person wants to be viewed or how they view themselves.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I didn’t think that the meaning behind this art exhibit would be so deep. Clare was trying to show how fashion relates to how a person is seen and how they want others to see them. I honestly just like how the colors looked and how they contrasted with the clothing so you could clearly see the clothing and the background separate. I thought that they were just pretty to look at. The exhibit reminded me of my friend Pauline because I feel like she wears a lot or most of the pieces of clothing in the prints. I don’t think she particularly wears these exact colors though. Overall, I really liked the exhibits because the colors were cool even though I don’t wear any of the clothes except for maybe the button up.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David DeSantis

Exhibit Information:

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Paper, Ink, Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is currently a senior here at CSULB and is currently working on his Bachelor’s of art degree in printmaking. David currently lives in Westminster and commutes to Long Beach. He likes to listen to dubstep and hard rock music but mainly dubstep because that is where he gets his inspiration.David likes to attend music festivals and is very interested in music. He also like to skateboard and snowboard in his free time At first, David wanted to be a mechanic but when he entered college he became more interested in art and he wanted to spend his time customizing motorcycles. He further channeled that energy into designing snowboards. He eventually arrived at fine art and he wanted to embody what he wanted to create himself instead of following a corporation.

Formal Analysis

Some of the pieces in the exhibit are colorful while others are just plain black and white. All of David’s art focuses on fluid abstract expressionism. Some of his art was straight, sinuous, and jagged while others were more fluid and had smooth patterns. A lot of the strokes were very abstract yet still recognizable. It’s as if he wants you to recognize that it is a human or an object in his art piece. The way that he colors and shades his paintings are very different and unique or random making them more abstract. Some of his prints are very recognizable like the red shogun and the wolf while other pieces of art seem to be more random.

Content Analysis

David said that music is one of his biggest inspirations and influence for his exhibit “Day Dreamer.” He wanted to experiment in this exhibit and wanted to create figurative imagery that reflected the images in his mind when certain music was played. David wanted to see how certain songs could produce different images in his head. “Gem Hard Shogun” was made while listening to an upbeat song to be more specific, Gem Shards by MUST DIE! The helmet symbolized a demon that was meant to scare away the enemy. David also used this piece to express his admiration and interest in Asian culture and anime. “Bite the Hand” seemed to also be made while listening to an upbeat song while “Rising Deep Water” seems to have been created while listening to a softer and calmer tone.

Synthesis / My Experience

I think that David’s art exhibit was awesome. All the art was very recognizable while still having an abstract theme. I really like the shogun and the complete black and white flow because it reminded of me of anime and especially Naruto because there was an episode that had a scene that had that design. I also thought that the idea of creating prints from the ideas in your head when stimulated by different types of music. It makes you think of music will affect how you think and your mood. Like more upbeat songs can make you feel more happy or angry while slower songs can make you feel more calm or sad. The idea of creating art based on the music you’re listening to is very interesting to me because the possibilities are endless.

Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art


IMG_2209IMG_2211IMG_2212IMG_2213In my area, graffiti is really common and all the ones that I’ve seen weren’t really art pieces but more like messages to mark gang territory. Because of this I’ve always seen graffiti are in more of a negative way than a positive one. It was only around high school and college that I started going out to LA more and here I was able to see much more graffiti but these were different from my town. These graffiti pieces in LA were much nicer to look at and seemed to have a more positive message or just a message in general compared to the tagging that just marks a gang’s territory. I know understand that graffiti art is more than just vandalism but it is a way to express art and an actual message.

When it came to making graffiti art myself, it was low key really fun. I mean don’t get wrong it was also really hard and I have a new found respect for graffiti artists. It was kind of windy so the paint was kind of flying everywhere. I also don’t know if maybe I used too much paint or I didn’t wait for the paint to dry but the paint was dripping but it also made the art look cool at the same time. The paint also smelled kind of bad but it was really fun trying to design my first name initials. I did not want to do my whole first name because I thought it would look really bad. As you can see, my first attempt for “CM” (Ceasar Mark) looked really bad. I decided to try again and my second attempt was much better than the first. The second attempt had a much cleaner and nicer look compared to the first one. I then decided to add more of a red background to it. I then decided to add a face on top of the whole thing. The whole process of layering the paint was fun because I kept adding on to it. I think the art project would have been less fun if I wasn’t with my friend Josh during it. I definitely think I will try spray painting and making graffiti art again.

Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Shannon Jenich


This week I met Shannon Jenich because of my friends Josh and KC. First things first, dude look at the second picture we took together she blinked LOL but then again, I it always looks like I’m blinking. Shannon was really cool to talk to and her last name is awesome because you pronounce the J as a Y sound. In her free time, she likes to play PC games with her friends which is pretty cool because I suck at playing most video games especially PC games. She is currently working on getting her bachelor’s degree in Human Development. When I asked her if she liked to play any sports, she told me how she used to play tennis in high school. More specifically, she played doubles tennis. It was really cool to talk to her about this because I also used to play doubles tennis high school. Shannon said that her favorite color is red which is cool but my favorite color blue is still better. I’m really glad I got to meet Shannon because she is really nice. Maybe would could end up playing tennis one day after class if we are free.

If you want to meet Shannon and learn more about him you can check out his blog: