Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Renette Tabadero


This week I got to meet Renette Tabadero! She is currently a Pre-Nursing major and a second year here at CSULB. She isn’t the first in her family to attend college but she is the first person to college here in CSULB. She’s from around the area so her commute is only 30 min. which is pretty funny because my commute is about the same length too. When she isn’t busy dying trying to become a nurse she likes to bake in her spare time. It’s ironic because she also works at a bakery but it’s fine because she still loves to do it. In the future she wants to get her own apartment and be working as a nurse. She’s lowkey really stressed out with her nursing classes right now and I totally understand her stress right now because as a kinesiology major, I had to also take anatomy and that class was so hard. There was so much work to do every week and I only needed to pass the class but she needs to get an A! Renette is super serious about getting into the nursing program so she has no time for a boyfriend. I think she totally has what it takes to make it into the nursing programs because she is determined and focused. If you want to know more about Renette, follow her on her blog:



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