Wk 11 – Classmate Conversations – Josh Ocular & Colene Encarnado

For this week’s classmate conversation I decided to converse with Josh Ocular and Colene Encarnado. As you can see in the above left pic, there are actually three people and not just two, I am right in between the both of them but Josh kind of ended up blocking me. We didn’t notice at first. I was lucky to notice before the weekend and I saw Josh in the library so I was able to ate least take another picture with him. AS you can see we suck or at least I suck at taking photos because this picture was blurry. Josh and Colene are both currently sophomores here at CSULB and are from the graduating class of 15′ for high school. Josh is apparently is from Carson and  played tennis in high school which explains why i feel like I’ve seen him around before. I also used to play tennis in high school and we each went to our rival’s school but we don’t remember seeing or playing with each other. Right now he doesn’t play tennis as much as he used to but he’s trying to get back into it. Maybe we could end up playing sometime. Colene is from the Glendale/ LA area which is pretty cool because I love going to LA for fun food adventures. Josh is currently a Sociology major. Apparently on the day of SOAR he was the same major but he decided to change that day because he didn’t like it in the end. He’s fake!… I’m just kidding. Colene is a psychology major in CSULB. At first she was trying to be a nursing major because her parents wanted her to be that but, she personally did not want to become a nurse and so after having a heated debate with her parents, she was able to change her major to psyche. Both Josh and Colene are really cool and easy going people. I’m glad that we were able to get a real conversation with one another. Hopefully we can talk to each other a lot more and become even better friends. If you want to meet them too, you could find their blogs @:




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