Wk15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking Applied to Life


For reference the top section is my five year plan for my current life and then the bottom section is the five year plan if the P.T. job became unavailable tomorrow.  The second picture is my five year plan if I did not have to worry about money and I wouldn’t be laughed at.

The first plan that I made is the actual five year plan for what I am trying to do right now with my life. It currently consists of continuing my two years here at CSULB while interning at various P.T. internships. Then graduating with my bachelor’s degree and then applying and going to P.T. graduate school and then graduating in three years and being able to get a job right away. This may not come through but this is my five year plan to become a P.T. This plan is the most realistic for me right now and I hope I can make it. Realistically thinking I might no even be able to complete this route but I am gonna hope for the best.

Confidence: 5/10

Resources: 4/10

Impact: 9/10

Satisfaction: 9/10

The second plan that I made was the 5-year route for if the occupation of P.T. would disappear tomorrow. The plan consists of me going to West Coast University for two years for the accelerated Nursing Program. Graduating as a nurse and then working at the local hospital in my areas while moving out and living on my own. I think this plan is very realistic and it is honestly my back up plan if I don’t make it into P.T. school. I know that the program is actually really hard but I think it is still worth it and pretty doable if I really want to.

Confidence: 7/10

Resources: 2/10

Impact: 9/10

Satisfaction: 8/10

The third plan that I made was if I didn’t have to worry about any financial problems and I didn’t have to worry about people laughing at me. I think that I would really happy if I could breakdance as a profession. I really enjoy it as a hobby and I always feel mesmerized when watching it or any other type of dancing. My five year plan consisted of learning how to dance even better then joining a collegic dance team. I would then continue to learn and join a super competitive team. The next year I would want to learn more about the culture of breakdancing and travel the world. I would then want to come back and start my own dance team. Finally, I would want to spread the knowledge and culture of breaking by becoming a teacher.

Confidence: 3/10

Resources: 1/10

Impact: 5/10

Satisfaction: 10/10

I think that this assignment was really satisfying because it really made me think about the the future. It also made me think about the choices I made of being a P.T. instead of a nurse and a break-dancer. To me, becoming a P.T. was the best choice because it was a profession that I would be glad to do while also making a lot of money and having the ability to do so. Becoming a nurse would be #2 because it also practical to become while still being something I would enjoy to do but P.T. is still more preferred. Becoming a break-dancer is super impractical but I would still really enjoy becoming one. This week’s art experience really made me think about what I should do with my life and what I want to do with my life. My strive to become a P.T. has become somewhat revived.



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