WK 10 – ART Experience – The Wedge


First of all I just wanna say please excuse my drawing because I am a really bad drawer and I am not artistic at all. To be honest I never knew that this wedge existed over her but when i saw it all I thought was WTF. Why is there only a little awkward space to go into this little secluded room. I would be very mad if I ever had to go to class in that room because it’s such specific spot to go through and there is only way which is around the handrail, tree, bush, lamp post, and wall which holds up the roof. You literally have to wedge yourself in between all these things if you really want to go into class. So since we have the chance to draw a way to redesign how to get this class, it is obvious we should get rid of the wedge. As you can see in my drawing, I got rid of the hand rail and the tree and then I expanded the pavement so that there is more room to walk. I also removed the wall in between the two doors and placed in both sides so that they aren’t separated anymore and it is easier to access both from either door.  I also ended up pushing back the lamp post and the bike racks closer towards the bushes and the wall so they aren’t in the walking path way but they’re still there to be useful. It was kind of fun thinking of ways to get rid of the wedge and make it easier to access the rooms in this area. I think that is the best way to make the area more efficient in my personal opinion. The only thing that I did not like about this project was that I had no option but to draw my redesign for getting rid of the wedge and I suck at drawing so I did not want to.


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