Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Art


IMG_2209IMG_2211IMG_2212IMG_2213In my area, graffiti is really common and all the ones that I’ve seen weren’t really art pieces but more like messages to mark gang territory. Because of this I’ve always seen graffiti are in more of a negative way than a positive one. It was only around high school and college that I started going out to LA more and here I was able to see much more graffiti but these were different from my town. These graffiti pieces in LA were much nicer to look at and seemed to have a more positive message or just a message in general compared to the tagging that just marks a gang’s territory. I know understand that graffiti art is more than just vandalism but it is a way to express art and an actual message.

When it came to making graffiti art myself, it was low key really fun. I mean don’t get wrong it was also really hard and I have a new found respect for graffiti artists. It was kind of windy so the paint was kind of flying everywhere. I also don’t know if maybe I used too much paint or I didn’t wait for the paint to dry but the paint was dripping but it also made the art look cool at the same time. The paint also smelled kind of bad but it was really fun trying to design my first name initials. I did not want to do my whole first name because I thought it would look really bad. As you can see, my first attempt for “CM” (Ceasar Mark) looked really bad. I decided to try again and my second attempt was much better than the first. The second attempt had a much cleaner and nicer look compared to the first one. I then decided to add more of a red background to it. I then decided to add a face on top of the whole thing. The whole process of layering the paint was fun because I kept adding on to it. I think the art project would have been less fun if I wasn’t with my friend Josh during it. I definitely think I will try spray painting and making graffiti art again.


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