Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition Information

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek
Exhibition: Doodles in Space
Media: Mixed Media, Installation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: [n/a]
Instagram: @juliaanaaaab @tidawhitney

About the Artist

            Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek are both students here at CSULB. They are both working on getting their Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Tidawhitney was born and raised here in Long Beach while Juliana was born in Texas but raised in Los Angeles. Both of them like to draw and that is what brought them to this collaboration together. Julianna always liked art since she was young and she wanted to go to a university to learn about the basics of art. Tidawhitney always loved drawing ever since she was young but she never had the opportunity to paint because it was too expensive. She plans on continuing her education after her Bachelor’s degree and get her Master’s degree on the east coast.

Formal Analysis

There is not a lot of color in their exhibit. The materials used appear to be variations of wire, paper, and plastic. A lo t of the work appears to be very abstract with the twisting and bending of papers. There was a last of contrast and shadowing because of the bright lighting in the exhibit. Because there was still bright lighting, I don’t think the exhibit gave of a gloomy and depressing mood. I do believe that the room was supposed to give off a secluded feeling though because there was a sort of wall in front of the door which I think did not let outside light into the room. I think they did this so that the lighting they provided for the room was the only one in there. There weren’t really any patterns in the room. The room gave a me a sort of random or “unusual” vibe because it looked as if everything was thrashed and messed up. The room is very abstract because it appears that there is no real organization or “way everything has to be” so it gives off a “we’re different” vibe.

Content Analysis

            This exhibit only took Julianna and Tidawhitney three days to finish. Tidawhitney describes their collaboration as a drawing installation which used multiple materials of wires, paper, and plastic. They themselves described the exhibit as contemporary and semi-planned. Tidawhitney talked about how they both used too much color on a lot of their previous works so they decided to experiment a bit. Like on their current exhibit, Doodle in Space, they ended up only using the colors of black and white. Just like the doodles they both love to make and draw, the direction this piece of art was very sporadic and random. Unlike conventional doodles which are only two dimensional, they decided two challenge the definition of a doodle by making it three dimensional. Their art is very creative in sense because it is very untraditional compared to what they normally did which was able to challenge them as artists.

Synthesis / My Experience

I think that Juliana’s and Tidawitney’s was very creative. I did not know what I was looking at first when I walked into their exhibit but I already thought that is was really cool. When they explained how it was supposed to be a three dimensional doodle, it made a lot of sense to me because doodles are very random and that was the feeling I got in their exhibit (randomness). Their room kind of reminded me of a decorated room that was just thrashed and messed up. I the feeling of being in a secluded room of randomness kind of made me think of life in a sense. I’m not trying to be negative but the way everything was so crazy and random reminded me of life because that is how it is sometimes. Even if you try to plan your life accordingly life, sometimes there are just twists and turn that are unpredictable and you just can avoid. In a sense a doodle is the same thing you have a small plan of what to draw and then it just gets random. I thought it was really cool to walk into a secluded room of randomness.


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