Wk6 – Art Experience – Zine & Flip books

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For this week’s art experience, I created a positivity zine “Look at me instead of looking down.” This past week I was feeling a little down because I didn’t do well on one of my test this week, I messed up one of my assignments, and was basically told that I should give up and try to find a new career instead of pursuing my dream of being a physical therapist. I know that feeling sorry for myself and feeling sad is not going make me feel any better so I need to cheer up and be positive. It is hard to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down, so I decided that making a book with my favorite positive quotes would be a great zine to look at when I’m feeling down or negative so that I could bounce back. I decided to put quotes that I personally agree with and have actual feelings about. Most quotes that I put in my zine are along the lines of “it’s okay to make mistakes and that you should never give up because it is easy while trying is the actual challenge.” I think that the most important quote that gives me the most sentiment and feeling is the last quote “It’s not over until it’s over.” To be honest I don’t know if someone famous made this quote but I like to think that my friend Benji made it up in high school. It was during our tennis season we were deciding on a quote we should put on our tennis jackets and he just said it out of nowhere. It kind of sounds like a joke and we would always laugh about it but if you really listen to words, it’s saying that you can always keep trying as long as you still have a chance. Reading all of these quotes really does make me feel better when I’m feeling down so I’m glad that I had the opportunity to make a zine that has most of them in one convenient place. I’ll be sure to look at the book when I feel like looking down. Zines are really cool because they are a creative outlet that can include drawings, paintings, pictures, information, quotes, etc. I think maybe I’ll make a second zine that has positive and deep pictures or drawings. I would have included positive drawings in this zine but I can’t draw and I think ugly drawings would work against the positive vibes.


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