Wk6 – Mad Max


Memes Show

Must Destroy, Wow
Unknown Artist
water color on paper
30″ x 20″
CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

There once was a little shiba inu named Max. He was an ambitious little dog from the pound who just wanted to be adopted. Max was very young when he was brought to the pound and he does not have any other memories before that. Max was about 7 years old and has seen many other dogs come and go. Now he was just waiting for hit turn.

One day he was taken out of his kennel by an older couple. At last, he thought he was going to be adopted. The couple proceeded to examine him and even though they first looked at each other with disagreement, the couple decided to take Max home. Max was very excited and he couldn’t stop wagging his tale with excitement. When the elderly couple came home, they proceeded to open the door and there Max saw a little boy. As soon as Max got close to the little boy, the little boy began screaming and shouting at hitting Max. Apparently, the boy wanted a daschund and not Max. The little boy ended up bring Max outside of the house and made him run away. Without food or shelter, Max was shunned from what he thought would be his brand-new owners.

Max was very upset and began to cry in a dark alley all alone. A few days had passed and Max was starting to feel faint from the lack of hunger. Max felt like this was going to be his last day. His only regret was that he could not find a new family to call his own. Max’s eyes then shut and it seemed that Max was dead. Out-of-nowhere Max suddenly began to grow. His growth ended with him being even large then most buildings in the city. Max did not know what happened since he thought he was going to die but now he was feeling well. When he howled, glass shattered and buildings began to fall. Max felt excited and suddenly laser beams shot out of his eyes. Max was worried he was destroying the buildings around him but then he remembered the little boy and his family and how he was beaten and kicked out of the house mercilessly. Max decided to use his powers to get revenge on the human who did not want him. Max then proceeded with his vengeance and continued to destroy the rest of the city. Maybe one day Max will can feel the love and comfort he dreamt of when he was a kid but for now the world shall feel his wrath.


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