WK5 – ART EXPERIENCE – Automatic Drawing


I ended up doing the automatic art drawing with my sister Czarina. I know that this project requires a little bit of intimacy and closeness because two people are touching knees and holding hands while doing this and that is why I chose her. To be honest I’m fine being really close or near to someone but I don’t do that well when I am in physical contact with someone. I don’t know why I don’t mind being really close to someone but I find it weird when we are physically touching. I thought it was okay to do this with my sister because we are already really close and talk to each other a lot so I felt somewhat more comfortable drawing with her than other people. It was kind of weird doing this at first because we were just moving the blue pastel in circle and we would both just randomly. When we opened our eyes, we saw that it was a really small circle so, we decided to make another circle in red. We decided it might look cool if we do this with more colors so we decided to make multiple circles with multiple colors. When we finished, the result was this: img_2020

At first, we didn’t know what to make if it. The whole thing kind of just looked like a bunch of different colored circles of different sizes that sometimes overlapped with each other. We were trying to see if we could find a deeper meaning for the “art” we just made. In the end, we ended up just laughing because we both felt that it was funny how we tried to make something look cool but all we made were just circles. We continued to laugh afterwards because we talked about how this is the reason why we are both in the medical field. It’s clear to see that our family is not very artsy. This was a really fun project even though my sister and I couldn’t make anything cool. I see this project as an opportunity user to bond with my sister and get even closer to her.


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