Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage
Exhibition: Sleep Sweat
Media: Prints, Etchings, Paper Mache
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: [n/a]
Instagram: @jetbootsjetpack

About the Artist

            Molly Ramage is currently a student here at CSULB to achieve her Bachelors of Art Degree in printmaking. Molly sees drama to process overwhelmed or repressed emotions. She views her art as a way to process the subconscious thoughts of the mind and psyche. Molly believes that dreams have a supernatural feeling because sometimes you dream something and then it happens in real life exactly the way it was dreamt giving a feeling of Deja vu. When not working on her art, Molly spends time taking care of her three-year-old daughter.

Formal Analysis

I think that Molly’s artwork has a lot of variety. Along with paintings and drawings, her exhibit also included sculptures. Some of her drawings were only black and white while others were colored with a multitude and rainbow of colors. Because of this some her art appeared to be more serious while others were more hearty. It doesn’t look like there was a color theme for her art work. Some of her art work also appeared to be collages. Some of the collages appeared to be made from multiple pieces of paper while others appeared to be purely drawn. Almost all off her drawings and paintings included a cat. Molly’s sculptures appeared to be very abstract. They are both textured and give a sort of distorted and twisted feeling. Most of her gives a somewhat dark or scary feeling. Molly’s work seems to be things that are out of a dream.

Content Analysis

            Molly Ramage is inspired a lot by personal experience and experiences a lot of vivid dreams as well. All her art pieces are something she has seen in her dreams and her physical interpretation of them. To be more specific her art in this exhibit are interpretations of her nightmares. The large center sculpture in her exhibit even appears to be a girl sleeping on the bed and a monster under her bed. One of her paintings appears to be a reindeer being ridden by two people and a cat. Molly told us that the painting was based off Christian mythology and the llama in the picture was being ridden by Jesus. Another painting in her exhibit was a colorful picture is a girl with horns and what appears to be a demon. According to Molly that girl is supposed to be the reincarnation of the devil during the end of the world. The girl is supposed to be the personification of the girl becoming the devil even though she does not want to be. The works in her exhibit were supposes to have be a rough narrative about the end of the world. She said that it was a challenge to finish her work emotionally because her exhibit involved a lot of dark emotions from her nightmares. Molly believes that dreams are a way to hash out emotion and her art is her way of processing it.

Synthesis / My Experience

I think that Molly’s artwork was very vivid and imaginative. It had a lot of expression and creativity. It’s really cool how she uses her dreams as inspiration for her works. I personally don’t have dreams quite that often maybe once a month. Usually I just go to sleep and then wake up as if nothing happened but I do feel more recharged. The fact that Molly’s exhibit is about the art work she creates from her dreams or her nightmares makes me question myself. I know that I’m not very imaginative or creative but maybe another sign of that is the fact that I don’t have dreams. Maybe I would be more creative if I had dreams more often. Maybe I’m overthinking it but seeing Molly’s exhibit about dreams and nightmares makes me reflect on myself. Some of her artwork made me feel a little nostalgic. Her painting of the little girl and the demon emended me of the Wizard of Oz and one of her portraits reminded me of a darker version of the Mona Lisa. I also really liked her drawing of a crying face because it made me think of the phrase “sadbois” which I actually say a lot so I was laughing a little bit. I really enjoyed her art because it really made me think of life while also making me experience feelings of nostalgia and comedy.


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