Wk4 – Art Experience -Art Care Package

When I heard about this art care package, I decided immediately that I wanted to send a package to one of my closest friends Matthew. I have known him ever since middle so we’ve known each other for about 8 years now. I remember hating him at first because he would always make fun of me since the girl I liked at the moment liked him back then but in high school we got really close and I found out that he was a really good friend. I don’t get to talk to him too often except for skype and our Facebook group chat because he is currently in Italy right now but I still think that we are still close to this day.

I found doing this art care package really fun because I got to reminisce about all the old stuff we used to do when we were in high school. The first thing I wanted include was the three keychains of an astronaut shuttle, a Disneyland lightsaber, and a funny San Francisco keychain because they were all things Matthew got for me and I used to carry them everywhere on my lanyard. I remember all our friends being excited to get a new keychain after Matthew would go somewhere. I also wanted to include the hat he gave me that his brother used to make. Since he gave me that hat, we were able to match and I was able to be “as cool as him.” I also wanted to put in a shoe that Matthew sold me I could match with all of our friends and be able to wear old school vans even though it wasn’t really my style. This way all our friends in the group could be matching. I also included a fake valedictorian certificate that we made in our old high school as joke because we both knew that we could never be it. I included a Naruto coin purse in there as well because we would always watch Naruto when we were at each other’s house. Lastly, I included a photo of our whole group at prom. Sadly, Matthew wasn’t able to come with us for certain reasons but I wanted to end him this pic because we all look GOOD in this photo and it’s to serve a reminder that we’ll be waiting for him here in California until he can comeback and we can all hangout like we used to.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because both include sending something or actually a picture of something to someone. The only thing is that an ACP is something that is physical and can be help even if it is just a photo while Snapchat only sends a digital image that will supposedly disappear in 10 seconds. I mean the photo could be screenshotted but it will always need an electronic device to be able to be viewed unless it’s printed into a physical object.

I believe that ephemera is something that is precious and I believe that it gains value overtime. It helps you remember good memories and reminisce about old times. If it is bad it can serve as something you can remember and learn from. It could also serve as reminder of who you were in the past and inspire to change for the better or worse depending on the situation. I think it would be cool to receive an old bead bracelet from my grandpa or grandma got from a concert because then I would be able to see them in a different light.

I don’t really think there is a difference between art that is worthy of a museum and art in an ACP you send because they are both something that people can see as art and they both can tell a story. Anything can become art it just depends on how a person interprets the thing they are looking at. Time and effort can show how much you care about the person you are trying to send the package to. So, the longer it takes can show how serious and how much you want something to be seen regardless of how long it takes. Sending something fast is also good because if it is something urgent it can be received quickly. With this, I believe that sending something fast or slow does not matter if the feelings in the package that are being sent are received. I think you can prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at McDonald’s drive-thru as long as the feelings that are conveyed can also be received. The ACP does have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” that is different from Snapchat but, I think that both still contain love.


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