Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Kiara Courtney Lacambara

This week I met Kiara Courtney Lacambara or “KC” as she likes to be referred to. If you can’t already tell what the KC stands for, they stand for her two first names. She doesn’t like being called by her first name because a lot of people end up mispronouncing it but I think her name is pretty cool because it’s unique and I don’t hear it a lot. KC is really smart because she has 3.8 and is a nursing student. I admire her a lot because I’ve seen all the work that they must do and I think I would die on the first day. She was born on April 10 so that means we have something to celebrate in class when it comes up. I think anything blue would be a good gift because that’s her favorite color. She has a sister who is two years younger than her but already taller than her. They like to watch Korean dramas together but lately KC has been putting in a lot of work trying to be a nurse instead of watching. In her free time, KC likes to play sports with her family. She said that her favorite sport to play is football and she’s really good at throwing a football with a spiral. This makes her even cooler because I can’t even throw a football well. KC is really easy to approach and really easy to talk to. She reminds me a lot of another person I met in this class. Not only do they have a fun and sassy way of speaking, but they also both wear glasses. I am definitely going to try to talk with KC more.

If you want to know more about KC you can find her blog at:



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