Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Nathan Livingston


This week in class, I met my new friend Nathan Livingston or “Nate.” As you can tell from the picture above, he is very photogenic. We were both on the same side of the room and we were supposed to stand up and try to meet someone at the other side of the classroom but we both kind of lagged it and saw that everyone had already paired up. It’s funny how since we both took our time getting up that we only had to turn around to meet someone new. Nathan is a pretty nice guy. He told me that he’s from Cypress so he commutes to school. I thought that was really cool because I’m from Carson which is pretty close to Long Beach so we both are living that commuter lifestyle. We both agreed how it’s great to commute since we don’t have to spend tons of money on living expenses and that the only downside of commuting is the traffic. Nathan said told me that he is an accounting major and that this is his second year here at Long Beach. When I asked him whether he does sports or not, he told me that he played soccer in high school. I thought that was amazing because soccer requires a lot of endurance since there is a lot of back and forth running. He said he enjoyed the running most of the time which is good because I never enjoy long distance running. Nathan likes to snowboard and wake board when he isn’t busy studying. I have never done either of those things so I asked him if it’s anything like long boarding because that’s what I have and he told me that they are similar but not entirely the same. He was telling me how wake boarding and snowboarding is intense cause there’s a lot of intense air maneuvering sometimes. I think Nathan is awesome to be able to do that stuff because it sounds too intense for me. I hope I get to talk to him more because his stories were very interesting. Hopefully he ends up sitting behind me again so that it’s even easier.

If you want to know more about Nathan you can check out his blog at:



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