Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Derek Chow


People let me tell you about my best friend,

he’s a warm-hearted person who’ll love me till the end.

Sorry, after naming the lyrics of Best Friend by Harry Nilsson for the title, I had to finish at least one line of it since it’s so catchy. Although I can’t say he’s my best friend nor would he say I am his best friend, I would hope that we could be maybe sometime in the future. This man write here is named Derek Chow and I met him on last Wednesday in art class (January 25, 2017). He was sitting on the desk to my left when our professor, Glenn Zucman, said that we should introduce ourselves and meet someone new in the class. To be honest I was scared to talk to someone because I don’t usually socialize with some random in my classes. Derek kind of had a scary look to him as you can see in his picture but he’s just a bunch of laughs. In his free time, he likes to work out or hang out with his friends. He also loves SpongeBob memes. He told me that he was a Kinesiology major and that he wanted to be a Physical Therapist which was cool because I also have the same dream and goal as him to become a physical therapist. Derek is really smart though he studies a lot and has a really high G.P.A. Maybe his genius will rub off on me someday. We continued talking and apparently, we are both in the same physics class this semester. We are going to try to sit together in that class on Monday because we both don’t know anybody else in the class. It was cool that he likes to work out because I like to work out too so we decided to try to go with each other after our class. Derek says he’s unsociable but he is easy to talk to. We decided to do the plaster cast project together and with some other people that we just met right after the class ended and it was really easy for everyone to get along. While waiting for the molds to dry, he drew a circle around him in the sand and I immediately told him “that’s not a circle that’s an oval Squidward.” We both burst out laughing because we both knew we were referring to the SpongeBob episode where they all go camping. Since we are both the same major, I think we are going to be seeing each other a lot and become very good friends. If you want to see or hear more bout Derek, you can check out his blog:



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