Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

It was fun going to the beach with Derek, Josh, and Colene. Right after the first day of class finished, we all had nothing to do after so we all decided to try and do the project right away. We were thinking that making the plaster castings at the beach would be easy but it was hard since none of us have ever done anything like this. It was easy buying all the supplies and driving to the beach but, the difficult part was making the mold for the plaster. We all decided to use our hands as the molds instead of our feet because it seemed easier. All of us had troubles making our molds because whenever we pulled out our hands, the sand would collapse on itself. When we finally felt ready for the first person, we proceeded to mix the dry plaster and water and then pour it into the 1 mold we prepared. After pouring into 1 mold, we found out we still had more wet plaster so we decided to make to more molds for the same person and poured the rest of the plaster into them. We could make 3 molds for the first person so each person after made 3 molds ready for their individual bags of plaster. In total, we ended up having multiple molds for each person. While waiting for the molds to dry we just messed around at the beach and just hung out. It was cool since we could play in the sand. When the molds were finished drying, we found that only four of them looked like our hands. It was surprising how realistic the molds actually looked like our hands. The embedded sand and rocks and the rough texture gave the hands a great beach aesthetic that makes it look even more appealing. It kind of sucked that we only had four good looking ones out of many but in the end, we all still had a lot of fun making them and getting to know one another. It was good idea to make multiples for each person because each of us would only have 1 out of 3 that were good. I guess 1 thing that I learned from this was that things aren’t as easy as it seems so it’s always good to have some backups for any activity like this. Maybe this activity could have been easier if the four of us had gone with the whole class. I think it would have been more fun if we all went together so I think I’ll try to do the next activity with the whole class.


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